Sell, ship, and surpass your competition

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Why sell to us?

We give you the power of the world’s largest suppliers by exposing you to thousands of potential buyers.


Expand your reach instantly. Our platform enables merchants to sell and ship to different buyers all over the world, without adding extra complexity. Listing goods through Qogita will increase order consistency and prevent overstocking.


Reduce your manual order processing time. Qogita heavily reduces the human effort, and therefore cost, required to fulfill an order by unifying order processing into one place, our seller portal.

Secure payment

Get paid as soon as you ship the goods. No more waiting for payments, leading to irregular cash flow issues.

It’s free

There isn’t a fee to sell on our platform, we’re here to help you grow your business quickly and save money.

Who are you?

We work with sellers that can meet our basic requirements:

Hold inventory in your warehouse

Ship only fresh and original goods in perfect condition

Dispatch goods within a week

Communicate your updated stock lists regularly

Ability to ship to multiple addresses

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Seller portal

Our seller portal is used by sellers to view past, current and new orders. It unifies the order process from order placed to order shipped, helping sellers to fulfill more and grow as a business. Discover the simple workflow that allows you to complete an order by clicking through the steps below. The seller portal will also regularly provide effective tips to easily sell more and grow your business.

Step 1

Receive new order

An order is allocated to you with a 6-day target. You can decline or carry on with the order flow.

A screenshot of the seller portal, showing the orders table


We help you sell it, but you ship it

Fulfilling orders yourself allows you to:

Pile of boxes stacked on top of each other

Manage your own inventory


Ship goods once they’ve been paid for

Shipping paperwork

Reduce outsourced shipping costs

Endless resources

Buyers around the globe

We’re proud to partner with a variety of buyers all over the world. Choose where you can deliver and let us handle the rest... including shipping costs!

Globe showing locations of buyers


  • Apple
  • Bosch
  • Logitech
  • Lavazza
  • Versace
  • Chanel

Frequently asked questions

“Thanks to Qogita, our goods are now sold across the EU and UK and sometimes even in the US. As a Spanish wholesaler, I have had a hard time reaching clients outside of my immediate region. Doing so was complex and expensive. Now all of this is happening effortlessly, and without any additional funds spent on marketing.”

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